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Cambridge Window is focused on delivering exceptional window products and outstanding service to homeowners in Edmonton.

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By keeping heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter, your air conditioning and heating costs will be reduced significantly.

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With a commitment to innovation, quality and value for your investment, you’re safe with Cambridge Windows & Doors in Edmonton

Welcome to Cambridge Windows and Doors

Welcome to Cambridge Windows and Doors, a company with more than 15 years of experience in providing high quality windows and doors in Edmonton area. Cambridge comes to your windows and doors projects with top quality products, professional installation service, prompt after sale service and most important, competitive price. Over the years we have worked hard to build a professional team of sales representatives and installers, whose first priority is our customers satisfaction.

We understand that is difficult to find time to visit our showroom or office, therefore our sales representatives are able to give a FREE in home estimate at any time convenient for you. Cambridge Windows & Doors offers a large diversity of High Energy Efficient windows and doors that will satisfy a large spectrum of budgets and design tastes. All our products have been tested and passed the CSA standards. Increase your home value, get your energy bill down, keep your home more comfortable and safe. Call Cambridge Windows and Doors today and we will be pleased to serve you.

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