Secure Your Home with Our Multipoint Lock System

We have always come across with people who find difficulties in locking their doors while leaving the homes. This is the point when they need to understand the importance of our multi-point lock system that is designed with stainless steel with three separate adjustable locking pins, anti-slam feature and vast adjustment range that has a huge range of keeper options. Our locking system also has an adjustable reach that helps users to determine its importance.

Cambridge Windows and Doors offer stainless steel made locking systems that is not available in other products on the market. Our products are quite durable, reliable and something what can satisfy our clients’ needs. We suggest clients to thoroughly evaluate their requirements so as to come up with a suitable piece that can allow them to work for a longer period of time.

Our experts have incorporated vast adjustment range in the multipoint lock system, thus allowing users to easily adjust them on the required level. Our products provide increased security and customer value that influence them to contact us again and again.

We understand that slamming doors is a terrible thing for most of the people. Though, with our anti-slam item, controlling of doors has become simple and easy. Also, users do not have to replace broken doors as slamming is minimized and they don’t need anything to repair them.

Cambridge Windows and Doors have taken an initiative to maximize comfort and clients’ satisfaction by producing high quality multipoint lock system. Our products can prevent possessions of users and even, save the lives of their families. Unluckily, people would agree that most of the homes are not safe from potential damages, whether they are associated with a robbery or burglary. According to some statistics, every home in the world is burglarized in every fourteen seconds. More than 50% residential burglaries enter through doors due to which, people find it necessary to get a quality, reliable and efficient multipoint lock system. Or we can say that our 20 gauge stainless steel doors, key controls and locks are the first step toward safety.

Below are some features of our locking system:

  • Ten horizontal backsets, consisting of center four having 7/8 inches projection, the bottom and top sets having ¾ inches projection
  • 10 gauge stainless steel strike plates
  • Anti-drill and anti-pick proof
  • Tamper-proof, concealed deadbolts