Reasons to Choose Our Sliding Patio Doors

Cambridge Windows and Doors is proud to announce that we are manufacturing sliding patio doors in different sizes and shapes. Even though most of the people prefer doors that can swing out, these doors are also worth using with their ability to make entranceway functional and stylish. Other features of our sliding doors are:

  • Convenient with wide options: Our doors offer a wider doorway or entrance with their sleek and elegant design. Their standard dimensions normally vary from 5 feet to 12 feet- thus helping homeowners to add convenience in the space. The available sliding panels can be customized according to the requirements of users.
  • Space saver: Our sliding doors allow users to save a lot of space as compared to pieces that swing outwards. They will have opportunity to enjoy many advantages both from outside and inside because the panels don’t need extra space to swing. Even though some people do not consider this factor seriously, it is still among the most appealing and effective facts to enable users derive satisfaction.
  • Best of both worlds: Our doors are capable of working for people who want to enjoy the freeze air breeze without allowing bugs to enter their homes. We use rolling screens behind the glass panels in order to allow users leave the doors opened while restricting pesky creatures in the backyard.
  • Environmentally friendly: We have many types of sliding patio doors manufactured with aluminum, vinyl and metal thus providing wide options to people to compliment their environment.
  • Enjoying outdoor views: Since our sliding patio doors are provided with numerous widths, users will be able to enjoy different expansive outdoor views. Unlike solid slab doors, these doors are constructed with transparent glass which enable users see everything on the other wise. With this feature, our sliding patio doors are suitable for social events where hosts need to see guests enjoying and getting prepared for the event.

The major difference that separates sliding patio doors from exterior glass type is the material. Users will have options to choose from vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and other types. Another biggest factor is the availability of color and style that has to be complimentary and perfect according to the users’ needs.

Cambridge Windows and Doors takes pride in saying that we have been producing quality sliding patio doors since a long time and all of our clients are quite satisfied with our services. So, if you also want to hire us, please contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you!