Windows and Doors Glass Options

Windows and Doors Glass Options

Cambridge Window has been supplying Western Canadians with Windows and Doors for over 15 years. Specializing in PVC Windows and Custom Entry Doors systems, Cambridge offers hundreds of options to make your home your own. Please choose the product you are looking for on the menu to the left.Cambridge Window offers a wide variety of glass options to meet your needs. From Double and Triple pane glass to LowE and Argon Gas as well as various tints, Cambridge can provide the glass to suit your energy efficiency needs.

Low ‘E’ glass offers you low-cost solar control. By blocking the sun’s harmful rays, fading of carpets, draperies, upholstery and artwork is greatly reduced. Low ‘E’ glass is perfect for residential and commercial buildings. By keeping heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter, your air conditioning and heating costs will be reduced significantly.

Features/Benefits Comparison

Standard Clear Insulating Glass
Warmer In Winter

The winter nighttime U-Value (insulating value) of a Sungate® 600 (3) glass is 40% better than standard clear insulating glass.

  • Lower U-values mean higher performance
  • Reduces furnace heat loss
  • Helps reduce heating energy costs

The total solar energy transmitted through Sungate® 600 (3) glass is only 15% less than that transmitted by standard clear insulating glass.

  • Higher SHGC numbers mean more solar heat gain
  • Helps keep interiors warmer
  • Helps reduce heating energy costs

Transmits Visible Light/Appearance

Insulating units with Sungate® 600 (3) transmit about 89% of the visible light as standard clear insulating glass.

  • Provides exterior appearance similar to clear glass

Fading Factors

While Sungate® 600 (3) glass blocks 57% of damaging UV energy, it also blocks other contributors to fading — in all, 16% better than standard clear insulating glass.

  • Helps protect interior furnishings, fabrics, and carpets from fading

Sungate® 600 (3) Insulating Glass


New Windows Glass Performance

Solarban® 60 (2)/Sungate® 600 (4) R-5 Insulating Glass Unit

insulating-glass-unit-glass-performancePPG has introduced a dual-coat technology that can help dual-pane insulating glass units (IGUs) attain R-5 insulating performance, which by definition means a winter nighttime U-value of 0.22 or less, without triple-glazing. As depicted in the illustration to the right, the technology incorporates one pane of 3-millimeter Solarban® 60 glass on the second (#2) surface of the IGU and one 3-millimeter pane of Sungate® 600 glass on the fourth (#4) surface. The two panes of glass are separated by a ½-inch of argon-filled space.

Sungate 600 coated glass was developed specifically for use in a fourth-surface application. The pyrolytic method of applying the Sungate 600 glass coating makes it durable, while the star crystalline structure gives it a smoother surface.

The Solarban 60 (2)/Sungate 600 (4) IGU enables residential windows to achieve R-5 center-of-glass insulating performance. The technology also yields Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of 64 percent and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.36. Consequently, the IGU effectively combines the clear glass appearance many homeowners desire with energy-saving insulating performance being emphasized by the federal government and many local residential building codes.

SuperSpacer Insulating Spacers

Cambridge manufacturers IG with SuperSpacer technology, which have been improving the performance of residential windows since it’s introduction. In addition to reducing heat loss, Superspacer spacers extend the service life of residential windows by flexing to accommodate temperature-related expansion and contraction. As a result, SuperSpacer-equipped windows have fewer sealant-related failures, enabling them to retain insulating argon gas longer and more effectively than less robust spacer assemblies.

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