Awning Windows | Cambridge Windows and DoorsAwning windows, one of the frequently used structures for its architectural and functional advantages, provide a flexible solution for remodeling, replacement, and new construction of residential and commercial projects. The awning windows offer an appealing blend of design, appearance, and functionality. Coming across in various shapes and sizes, it features a wider opening compared to other window varieties.

The precise framework of the window allows unrestricted airflow and ventilation with expansive panoramic views. Awning windows are actually casement windows that are hinged on top and open outward from the bottom. Thanks to the precise location of the hinges and the outward movement, awning windows can be kept open even while it is raining outside as it prevents the water from getting in the house while letting fresh air inside.

This innovative engineering ensures that the window can be opened effortlessly by simply turning a handle and pushing out the sash. These practical and functional features add to their popularity. To see the special features, visit Casement Windows page.

The key energy performance ratings features of awning windows include the following:

Triple Glaze Argon:

  • 3mmClr / Argon90 / 3mmLowE LOF S#3,5
  • Overall U-Value: ISO
  • SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient):
  • Visual Transmittance:
  • Energy Rating:
Double Glaze Argon:

  • 4mmClr/ Argon90 / 3mmLowE LOF S#3
  • Overall U-Value: ISO
  • SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient):
  • Visual Transmittance:
  • Energy Rating:
Triple Glaze Krypton:

  • 3mmClr / Krypton90 / 3mmLowE LOF S#3,5
  • Overall U-Value: ISO
  • SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient):
  • Visual Transmittance:
  • Energy Rating:

Advantages of Awning Windows

The versatile design of this window provides exceptional energy performance, effortless maintenance and durability. Thanks to the superb sealing technique, awning window is excellent when it comes to keeping environmental noises out of home. Their high-performance hardware and state-of-the-art compression seals provide maximum energy efficiency.
In replacement projects, the specific positioning of the hinge makes a difference to the final appearance of the windows. However, the inherent uncluttered architecture and clean features of our awning windows effectively fulfill this requirement, making the product a market leader in this category. We also provide customized windows according to individual preferences of our clients. We follow the recommended Energy STAR ratings by using sophisticated and fail-safe technologies.

Awning Windows – Style Statement for Your Home

Using awning windows is a painless process. Superior ventilation, smooth operation, and stately structure make awning windows a décor essential in every stylish home. We are available to serve you anywhere in the Edmonton Area.

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Awning Windows | Cambridge Windows and Doors

  • Multiple Interior and Exterior color options
  • Full 3 1/4″ Frame
  • Multipoint locking systems
  • Triple Pane Glass
  • Custom Jamb Extension
  • Wide selection of Brickmoulds


  1. Full 3 1/4″ Frame with multiple chambers provides superior support and rigidity
  2. Full 1 3/8″ integral nail flange; Brickmould options available
  3. Dual wheel rollers provide effortless operation. No screw/snap in housing for ease of maintenance
  4. Glazed internally with dual and triple pane options
  5. Triple weatherstripping featuring bulb and fin seals
  6. Multi-point locking system with easy crank operating handle
  7. Custom jamb extensions available
  8. No-metal SuperSpacer, and industry leading technology
  9. Double wall frame for less roll
Awning Windows | Cambridge Windows and Doors

  • Snap in and recessed latches provide a clean modern looking sash
  • Meeting rail supports keeperless locks (option)


Awning Windows | Cambridge Windows and Doors


Awning Windows | Cambridge Windows and Doors


Awning A3 PG100 PG70

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