Double Hung WindowsOur double hung windows are also quite popular, especially in Alberta, Canada. They have two sashes or movable window panels that can overlap slightly and slide upward and downward as users want. Cambridge Windows and Doors have done something different by giving a modern twist to the traditional products.

We have a wide range of double hung windows that are designed and constructed with energy efficiency and modern functionality to compliment the requirements of both homes and urban offices.

Features and Mechanisms

The best part about our double hung windows is the use of glass and aluminum that make them easy to manufacture and incorporate. Our company has a wide range of windows with unique features, elegant designs, styles that help homeowners in beautifying the interior and exterior of their homes. We use an effective mechanism to incorporate double hung windows for ease in opening and closing. Also, we try to make sure that they remove seal tight and waterproof so as to avoid air or water leakages.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

The major aim of our double hung windows is to provide maximum space for ventilation so that users can have a better lifestyle. They are self adjustable according to the specifications. The addition of light modern materials as the window frames lead to ease in installation and therefore, need less efforts to replace them, as compared to iron and steel windows.

Double hung windows are quite easy to clean. Cambridge Window and Doors uses a special type of mechanism here, which allows users to clean both sides of the window by pulling and twisting. Also, most of the designs offer convenience in removing of screens for cleaning.

We have maximized their utility by adding vinyl that makes them energy efficient, economically friendly and rust resistant. Modern technology is another biggest source that enables users to modulate ventilation space and increase security by using and stripping of stoppers. Design also makes it convenient to be used in both winter and summer.

The choice of colors and materials is the basis or fundamental of our customization. Cambridge Windows and Doors use several extrusions in manufacturing the double hung windows because we are well aware of the fact that it leads to creating different styles and improving the aesthetic values. Our double hung windows are considered as green because they save energy.

Cambridge Windows and Doors provide high quality products with affordability, safety, beauty and quality. We believe in team work so if anyone wants to design the double hung windows on their own, we are available to assist them.

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