Double Slider WindowsDouble slider window is often the choice of a buyer whose priority is on proper ventilation. A double slider window is a perfect mixture of traditional and modern styles of windows both in terms of functionality and appearance. Any type of buildings can have double slider windows installed by window installers. Ideal for both official and residential buildings, this type of window is good value for money.

How Does a Double Slider Windows function?

Double slider windows function on a mechanism of double wall pull rail system. Sashes are placed on the double wall pull rail system which enables horizontal movement for the sashes controlling the ventilation within the room. Cleaning the screens of a double slider window is quite easy with the inward slant of the sashes on the rail pull arrangement making it the most user friendly choice. There are different varieties of double slider windows in the market. However, the vinyl double slider window is most effective when you are looking to have maximum ventilation. The vinyl variety is capable of cutting down the outside blare and is particularly helpful at the work place. In addition they appear smart and enhance the charm of your room.

A double slider window usually opens in the horizontal direction and operating this type of window is easy and you can do it without applying any force due to the movable sash and nylon glide system. Unlike the roller windows a double slider window will have no problems in opening, lifting or cranking and enable smooth operation. Another advantage of a double slider window is the instant-lock shoe method helping in free movement of the sashes along the entire length of the window. This aids in bringing fresh air from outside into the room while also reflecting light into the room through the fiber glass screen. This arrangement makes your room appear big and spacious. Energy efficiency is a distinctive characteristic of a double slider window particularly the vinyl variety. It is low on maintenance and also cuts on your electricity bills. These are fitted with locks that cannot be operated by kids and are burglar resistant as well. So, double slider windows provide protection and look smart as well.

What Value Windows and Doors can do for you

Cambridge Windows & Doors has a team of experienced installers who know their job. We offer customization facility for our customers along with a large variety of double slider windows from which they can choose.

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  • Ability to add various brickmoulds
  • Full 3 1/4″ Frame
  • Triple Pane Glass available
  • Custom Jamb Extensions


  1. Full 3 1/4″ Frame with multiple chambers provides superior support and rigidity
  2. Dual wheel rollers provide effortless operation. No screw/snap in housing for ease of maintenance
  3. Glazed internally with dual and triple pane options
  4. Full 1 3/8″ integral nail flange; Brickmould options available
  5. Custom jamb extensions available
  6. Dual weatherstripping and long reach interlock; No colliding or missing
  7. Drain cap to prevent entry of debris and moisture
  8. No-metal SuperSpacer, and industry leading technology
  9. Equal glass on both Frame and Sash providing great viewing area
  10. Beveled face with sloped inner chamber for improved water drainage
  11. Double wall frame for less roll

  • Snap in and recessed latches provide a clean modern looking sash
  • Meeting rail supports keeperless locks (option)




Slider A2 PG50 PG30

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