Fixed WindowsFixed windows are usually found in non residential buildings like offices, courtrooms, places of worship and they are fixed. Fixed windows are quite a traditional concept and do not have movable sash mechanism to open or tilt the window screen. Fixed windows are often placed strategically so that people who are inside the building can have a nice view of the surrounding from the interior. Fixed windows aid in climate control as well.

Advantages of Fixed Windows

The biggest advantage of a fixed window is that the frame allows large stained or tempered glasses to aid in minimizing the sun’s effect and in religious places the space is also used to depict scenes from various religious scriptures. Sometimes offices use it as a beautifying concept for their interiors. However, fixed windows are usually spotted where there is a large space to fit the frame in to give the impression of spaciousness. Moreover, fixed windows are low on maintenance and quite easy to clean. They are quite durable due to the structure which resists any kind of cracks. This type of window can be bought at a low rate and used for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes fixed windows are used with a combination of other types of windows.
This type of window facilitates internal drainage and the glazing is installed to the main frame members. Sometimes tripled glazing is also applied due to which the windows provide extremely good air and water performance.

What Value Windows and Doors can do for you

Cambridge Windows & Doors is ready to serve you throughout the year regarding installing windows either as replacement or new one. We offer a wide range of fixed windows which can be of different shapes and sizes bearing our warranty. You can save a lot on your electricity bills by installing our windows which are energy efficient. We offer our installation services at the most affordable rates for our customers.

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Fixed Windows

  • Multiple Interior and Exterior color options
  • Full 3 1/4″ Frame
  • Multipoint locking systems
  • Triple Pane Glass
  • Custom Jamb Extension
  • Wide selection of Brickmoulds


  1. Full 3 1/4″ Frame with multiple chambers provides superior support and rigidity
  2. Full 1 3/8″ integral nail flange; Brickmould options available
  3. Dual wheel rollers provide effortless operation. No screw/snap in housing for ease of maintenance
  4. Glazed internally with dual and triple pane options
  5. Triple weatherstripping featuring bulb and fin seals
  6. Multi-point locking system with easy crank operating handle
  7. Custom jamb extensions available
  8. No-metal SuperSpacer, and industry leading technology
  9. Double wall frame for less roll
Fixed Windows

  • Snap in and recessed latches provide a clean modern looking sash
  • Meeting rail supports keeperless locks (option)


Fixed Windows


Fixed Windows



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