Reasons to Choose Our Single Hung Windows

single-hung-windowCambridge Windows prides itself in saying that we have been manufacturing windows and doors for the last 15 years. Our windows are well-crafted¸ practical and durable that are capable of enhancing look of the space with affordability and effectiveness. If someone is searching for energy efficient single hung windows, we can help in getting them.

But, do you know what does single hung mean? Well, it is a simple type of windows where one panel is movable while the other one is fixed. Every movable panel (sash) has counterweights, compliant weather-stripping or springs that allow the windows to hold their place. Users can slide the glazed panels to get space for ventilation while, the sash balance system enables users to easily clean both sides of the windows from inside. Our single hung windows are actually the biggest source of adding sophistication and elegance in the room.

Why to choose our windows?

Cambridge Windows and Doors specialize in providing high standard windows, thus allowing users to change the appearance of their place after a certain period of time. Vinyl windows are appealing and their flexible frame makes them suitable for almost all types of rooms. Practicality, affordability and elegance make our single hung windows the perfect choice for users to transform their homes into a comfortable ad stylish place.

Our windows also have the ability to save cooling and heating costs because they are energy efficient, created by the low-e coating technology to maintain temperature. It takes great care of the ease and convenience for the inhabitants of the place.

Our products are designed with professional shoddy and trim workmanship that maximize insulation with high-profile styling. Another reason for providing energy efficient windows is to maintain the fresh air level within the place. We even require our clients to know about the condition of their current windows’ maybe their wooden frames have been cracked, adhesives might be sticky and gummy, thus creating more gaps and increasing chances of leakage.

High-Profile Design

Our single hung windows are designed with unique style and efficiency. This window type is usually found in Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian modest family houses and mansions. With their classical engineering together with modern technology, our single hung windows have managed to create their worth.


Because of our long term experience and professional skills, our products are capable of withstanding in all situations. They have sturdy and durable design that do not blister, crack or warp. Whereas, when we consider other windows available in the market, they leak or frost up and the technology behind provide maximum protection from harsh weather. This actually leads to insulation from noise, heat or cold thus makes the home decorated with affordable, stylish and efficient windows.

Our well-designed single hung windows can add classy feel to your home. With Cambridge Windows and Doors, users will have many worth considering offers that allow them to add efficiency, elegance to your place. Contact us right away and we will be happy to assist you!

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